Air Rewards is Air Arabia's customer loyalty Program. By joining, you can earn points on flights and other eligible pre-selected services including meal selection, seat selection, airport services and travel insurance. Air Rewards points can be used towards award travel, buying additional services, accessing special features and other benefits on airarabia.com.
It's simple, click here to join online for free. You can also join Air Rewards by calling the Air Arabia Call Centre on +971 6 558 0000 in Sharjah, UAE or +212 80 2000803 in Casablanca, Morocco.
Yes, a child aged between 2 and 12 years can be enrolled. However, the online enrolment form must be completed on behalf of the member by a parent or guardian and he must be part of a family account.
Yes. You can join offline by calling the Air Arabia Call Centre. Alternatively, you can join by filling out enrolment forms available, from time to time, in-flight and at Sharjah International Airport and Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport.
All you need to do is make sure you mention your Air Rewards email ID along with your passenger name when booking your flight online, through the Air Arabia Call Centre, travel agent or Air Arabia sales shop.
Your membership details are the email address and mobile number that you provided at the time of enrolment. Once you’ve logged into your account, you can find further details under “My Account”.
No. Air Rewards is a cardless Program. However, your email address and/or mobile number acts as your membership number.
No. However, Air Rewards will send you account statements on a scheduled basis to the email address you submitted when you registered. Your account information is also updated frequently and is available at airrewards.airarabia.com.
Air Rewards offers you a wide array of benefits including the ability to earn points on flights and other pre-selected services such as baggage allowance, travel insurance, meal selection, seat selection and airport services. Click here to join.
In the Air Rewards Program, points are earned by purchasing qualifying Air Arabia flights or services. Earning points is based on the base fare plus surcharge value paid for Air Arabia flights and eligible services, minus taxes.
You earn 5 points for every US dollar* spent on flights and baggage allowance and 10 points for every US dollar spent on other eligible services including meal selection, seat selection, airport services and travel insurance.
* Or its equivalent in UAE Dirham and Moroccan Dirham
Absolutely! As a member of Air Rewards you will earn points per US dollar spent. Moreover, there will be additional bonus offers, from time to time, on bookings made online.
The amount of points earned for your flight will depend on the base fare and surcharges paid for the flight. Points are also earned on eligible additional services that are pre-purchased with your booking. For example, if you purchased a round-trip flight only from Sharjah to Kathmandu on airarabia.com and spent $200, excluding taxes and fees, that $200 spend on your flight earns you 1,000 points.
Besides flights, you can also earn points on your spend on baggage allowance, meal selection, travel insurance, seat selection and airport services.
But remember, points can only be earned for pre-purchased services during the flight booking process. Points cannot be earned on taxes and fees nor on purchases made in-flight or at the check-in counter.
Yes. Air Rewards points are valid for 24 months from the date they are earned. Points expire on a ‘first in, first out’ basis. Therefore, points earned in the first month will expire at the start of the 25th month.
No. You cannot earn points on flights purchased for another traveller in the Air Rewards Program. Points can only be earned by flyers that are members of the Program.
Yes. You will be able to request points for a flight you completed within 90 days of that flight. Sign in to airarabia.com/Air Rewards and click “Claim Previous Flights” under "My Account".
Points are credited to your membership account after you have flown. The points that you have just earned can take up to 7 days after your flight date to reflect in your account.
This may be because over 90 days have passed since you took the flight in question or that you took the flight before the launch of the Program. For details on your claim, please call the Air Arabia Call Centre.
Yes. Members and non-members can both pre-purchase baggage allowances at the time of booking. In fact, it is highly recommended that members pre-purchase all services in order to earn points.
Yes. The airline and the Program allow this. However, points can only be earned on eligible extras booked before the flight date.
Points can be earned on the cash component, if any at the time of the booking, not including government taxes.
Yes. Pre-selected seats can be changed at any time prior to the flight, following which the cost of the chosen seat and related points will be updated.
Yes. This works like any regular booking. Members will, however, have to bear the applicable charges and fare difference.
You can use points to redeem for anyone, including infants.
You can select a seat based on availability at the check-in counter. However, you will not be able to earn points on the same. Points are only earned on pre-selected eligible services.
You can use online credit card payment for such a booking.
Just as regular fares vary, the points required for an Award Flight will also vary depending on the destination, day of the week, season and advance booking window. However, you need a minimum of 4000 points to be able to redeem against a flight and baggage reward. Anything below this threshold will not allow you to book against flight and baggage. You do not need a minimum threshold of points to redeem against other eligible services.
Your Air Rewards points cannot be transferred.
Visit www.airarabia.com and log in using your Air Rewards account details.
  • Click on “Book Travel”.
  • Select the option to pay using points
  • Please note that the 4,000 points threshold applies only to redemptions against flight and baggage rewards.
Yes. Air Rewards allows members to redeem via a Points plus Cash option. You need as little as 1 point to redeem against any service, except flights and baggage allowance.
This is a process that allows for family members to pool their earnings into one account, and therefore, enjoy greater earning power and quicker reward redemption.
The Program allows for 1 Household Head and up to 8 family members to be a part of the Family Account.
The head of the family and family members should have registered individually as Air Rewards members. Then a family member should update the email address of the account he/she wants to be linked with. The Household Head cannot add family members under his/her account.
On becoming part of a Family Account, 50% of all points earned will automatically transfer to the Household Head. Note, however, that the balance 50% of points will be forfeited.
The family membership is not changeable for a period of 24 months. After this period, should a member want to detach from the head he can do so by clicking on "Household Head" under Profile.
You can easily track your family's point progress and, soon enough, the Household Head can redeem those precious pooled points for Award Flights.
To change your name please call the Air Arabia Contact Centre and provide the required documentation and related information.
Air Rewards account updates and password changes must be made online at airrewards.airarabia.com. However, email addresses cannot be changed. For name change assistance, please get in touch with our Contact Centre.
Please call the Air Arabia Contact Centre to regain access to your account.
You can update your account information by logging onto airrewards.airarabia.com.
Air Arabia reserves the right to change, modify or cancel terms and conditions linked to the Program. Members will be informed of the same when applicable.
At this stage, there is no option to transfer points between Air Rewards and other Programs.
You can only have individual memberships with Air Rewards. The only other option is family membership, but even in this case each member of the family group needs to be an individual member of the Program.

While we do not offer company memberships at this stage, flights taken for work and business are eligible to earn Air Rewards points if the flyer is a member of Air Rewards as an individual.
Anyone above the age of 13 can enrol to become a member of the Air Rewards Program. For applicants under the age of 13, the enrolment form must be completed online by a parent or guardian.
No. Each member can have only one membership account.
Air Rewards membership is designed for individual travellers. Travellers must enrol separately and are limited to one account only. However, Air Rewards members can combine up to 8 members under the Family Account. Corporates, other entities or blocked-seat purchases are not eligible to enrol as Air Rewards members or qualify for points.
You can redeem your points against flights, baggage allowance, meal selection, seat selection, airport services and travel insurance.
You can redeem points for flights within the participating Air Arabia network. Air Arabia Sharjah hub (G9) and Air Arabia Morocco hub (3O) are the participating networks of the Program.
Yes. We want to make it easy and convenient for you to redeem. You can use a combination of points and cash to enjoy redemption. A minimum threshold of 4,000 points applies for redemptions on flights and baggage allowance.
As per the Air Arabia cancellation policy, the cash value will be available to you as credit in your account that can be used for future bookings after the cancellation charges have been deducted.
No. Points cannot be redeemed against taxes. Taxes must always be paid in cash.

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